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The most fashionable old ladies from Instagram worth subscribing to

The stereotype that older people are far from the digital world should have disappeared long ago. We've collected the coolest Instagram pages created by women over 60. They dress stylishly, lead an active lifestyle and travel a lot. Such profiles can convince everyone that old age doesn’t exist only to knit socks and take care of the garden-although these are also cool. 

Rossella Gardini


Italian Rossella Gardini understands a lot about fashion, because she devoted half of her life to this industry. She worked at the Moschino house, where she became Creative Director immediately after the death of the brand's founder, Franco Moschino. Then there was a dark episodewith her scandalous dismissal, and Rossela had to leave the brand, although she didn’t want to.


But the woman didn’t stop doing fashion and began to advise designers, and in 2016 at Milan fashion week presented her first collection of clothes. She emphasized bright colours, bows and ruffles, and put vintage jewelry from her personal collection on the models.


Gardini's wardrobe occupies several rooms in her Milan apartment, and there is no room for any mass-market items. She prefers only luxury brands and loves vintage. This woman is impossible to meet on the street in a casual way. She always thinks through her looks, makeup and hair to the smallest detail, even if she just goes for a walk with her dogs. Rossella has two, and affectionately calls them Musketeers.

Sarah-Jane Adams


Sarah-Jane Adams never considered her appearance to be attractive and didn’t dream of becoming a model. She retired and started making handmade jewelry. Adams sold and gave them to friends and acquaintances, and then her daughters advised their 64-year-old mother to start an Instagram blog and upload photos of accessories there. Sarah had to learn how to use a smartphone, and now she posts new pictures almost every day.


Sarah's Instagram became popular immediately after the first photo-now the woman has about 185 thousand subscribers. Brands constantly call her to take part in fashion shows and walk the catwalk, and sportswear brand Adidas invited her as an Ambassador.


Most often Sarah-Jane wears things in ethnic style-long wide dresses with bright prints, shawls and capes. But no less she loves tracksuits and sneakers. Adams isn’t shy about his age – she doesn’t dye his hair or do plastic surgery. Success came to her only in retirement, so she takes great pleasure from everything that happens in her life. 

Lyn Slater

The Lyn Slater’s storu began in the same way as many successful models – she accidentally fell into the lenses of fashion photographers when walking the streets of New York. Even the nickname for Instagram she chose is very ironic - "Accidental Icon".

Lyn was a child when began to manifest her individual style, she studied in Catholic school, but wore bright and provocative things as a revolt against the uniform. Now the woman is blogging Accidental Icon for mature and confident ladies. Slater created it solely for educational purposes – she doesn’t place ads on her blog and doesn’t take money from sponsors.

Lyn's main occupation is a sociology teacher, but it is impossible to call fashion just her hobby, because she looks so organically in every image. She isn’t obsessive about collecting only expensive outfits in her wardrobe, but says that she would never star in those things she wouldn’t ever wear. Someof Lyn's favourite brands are Mango and H&M, and she certainly already has collaborations with them.

Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin spent many years working in the fashion industry too: she was a stylist, photographer and editor of Harper's Bazar magazine. At 18 Linda decided to begin a modelling career and moved to Italy, but she failed and had to look for another job.

In 60 she left the post of editor of the glossy magazineand began posing formagazines. Linda advertised Karen Walker glasses, became the face of the The Row brand YOUTH collection and appeared in fashion magazines. The woman has about 260 thousand subscribers on her Instagram. Rodin's style depends on her mood – she wears both classic and sporty clothes, and her favourite accessory is sunglasses.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is an American collector and designer. The woman is 97, but she does’t think about to stop doing fashion and retire. A few years ago, she released a memoir in which she told about her life, starting from childhood.

Iris was almost the first woman to wear jeans back in the days when they were considered men's work clothes and were sold only in hardware stores. She could buy one pair and combined it with a white cotton shirt and hoop earrings.

The woman worked as a consultant for glossy magazines, founded her textile business, and recently launched a jewelry brand and began teaching fashion at the University.

In honour of Iris, Mattel released a Barbie doll and dressed her in a green pantsuit. Thus, the company noted the greatest achievements of Apfel in the fashion industry.

Iris loves massive jewelry and thick black-rimmed glasses. The designer's style is followed by 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Beatrix Ost

Artist Beatrix Ost justifies only one stereotype about grandmothers – she dyes her hair purple!

Beatrix has a very serious and long thinking before something to buy. Her favourite designers are Azzedine Alaya, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Junya Watanabe and Alexander McQueen. When a woman started a page in Instagram and began to gain followers, she stylists started mailing her and asking for advice.

Beatrix believes, that each time her look should havea certain meaning and reflect traits character. She pays special attention to the interior of her house. The most valuable thing in her apartment is a Tibetan rug. It was sent to her by the family, to whom she once donated money.  

By the way, she instills a fashionable taste in her husband, who looks no less stylish than his wife.

Dorrie Jacobson

In the 60s, Dorrie Jacobson worked as a model for Playboy magazine. Now she is 84 years old, she left the magazine long ago, but she didn’t stop to pose for photographers in sexy outfits. She is trying to prove to the world that if you have always dreamed of being a model, you don’t need to give up your business, even in old age.

Dorrie stopped shooting for glossy magazine, but posted all her favourite photos onInstagram. In her everyday life, she dresses brightly and outrageously, and sometimes tries on rabbit ears and a black playboy swimsuit. She runs a personal blog, which is called "Senior Style Bible". She defends the rights of agy models, votes for this phenomenon to become a commonplace for the industry, but not something surprising and rare.

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