Trend of the Season: Purple and Its Combinations

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The colors with which we surround ourselves affect our mood and well-being. It also can tell a lot about our character. We already wrote about the psychology of grey, red, green, yellow, blue and black. Purple is one of the most popular shades this season. What can be said about the people who choose it, and with what colors it fits best – you can learn it from our article.

Psychology of color

Marc Jacobs spring-summer 2020, Prada spring-summer 2020, Viktoria Beckham spring-summer 2020

Purple color is obtained by mixing red and blue. These two colors have opposite properties: red symbolizes energy and variability, blue symbolizes calmness and stability. This inconsistency determines the properties of the purple color.

This is the most mystical color in the palette, magical properties are associated with it. Deep shades of purple inspire thoughts of something otherworldly and unknown, they can scare and even cause a feeling of anxiety. At the same time, color beckons with its mystery, associated with cosmic energy and miracles.

In psychology, it is generally accepted that purple is the color of secretive and distrustful people. They are critical of others and very demanding of themselves, so purple is also the color of idealists and perfectionists. At the same time, these are very sensual and even romantic natures, in whose soul real passions rage. The purple color helps them restrain impulses and control feelings.

Fashionable color combinations

Balmain fall-winter 2019, Versace spring-summer 2020, Givenchy fall-winter 2019

Like other colors, purple has a lot of shades, which depend on the proportion of blue and red. These are such delicate halftones as lilac and lavender, as well as brighter and more active shades - plum, eggplant and violet.

Purple + Black

Erdem fall-winter 2019, Christopher Kane spring-summer 2020, Versace spring-summer 2020

It’s stylish, but very insidious combination. Dark shades of purple can merge with black, and then the outfit will look gloomy and overloaded. Black looks much more advantageous in combination with bright shades of purple.

Purple + White

Christopher Kane resort 2020, Cacharel spring-summer 2020, Marc Jacobs fall-winter 2019

A very delicate and romantic look is obtained with a combination of purple and white. White color makes the image lighter and more airy. This mix evokes thoughts of Provence and Parisian charm.

Purple + Red

Balenciaga fall-winter 2019, Balmain spring-summer 2020, Erdem fall-winter 2019

Sexy and juicy looks are born with a combination of clothes in purple and red shades. They may seem phantasmagoric and even too pretentious, so the duet of red and purple is not so common. But this is a very reverent and memorable combination.

Purple print

Erdem fall-winter 2019, Koche fall-winter 2019, Versace spring-summer 2020

Purple looks absolutely stunning as the main accent of the image. Use it in accessories or find something with a print that contains shades of purple.

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