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Wedding Fashion: How to Choose a Wedding Dress

You probably got tired of the phrase that a wedding is the most important day in a woman’s life. But the fact remains: millions of women around the world dream of a grand wedding for a hundred guests and, of course, a princess dress. But, coming to the bridal salon for the first time many girls feel lost. Let’s find out, which types of wedding dresses exist, in order to make the fateful choice easier!


The timeless trend of recent years is the Mermaid silhouette. This style is suitable for owners of perfect figure. Such wedding dress emphasizes every curve of the body and will allow you to demonstrate your strengths. It is considered as one of the sexiest options that is chosen by bold and brave brides. On the other hand, models with closed shoulders or with sleeves are suitable for more modest brides. And if you supplement the dress with a belt, then perhaps you can hide the tummy. If such a dress is your dream, but you still have doubts about the figure, be sure to tell the consultant in the salon about your doubts. The specialists will try to find the option that suits you.

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This is a dream of thousands of girls and woman who grew up on Disney cartoons. The ball gown really looks spectacular and in this dress the bride will be in the spotlight. It looks optimal on tall slender and brides. But for owners of small stature or curvy figure it will be more difficult to choose a suitable model as a fluffy skirt may look too bulky, so it is better to choose the following option.


"A" - shape

“A” - shape is somewhat reminiscent of a princess-style dress, but with a less fluffy skirt. Perhaps this is the most universal option that is suitable for almost all types of figures, as well as for any height. A fitted top and a straight expanding skirt make the silhouette more slender, allow you to hide flaws and make your image more elegant and sophisticated. These dresses look great with sleeves, so they are often chosen for autumn or winter weddings.

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Empire Dresses

Models of wedding dresses in the Empire style are suitable for lovers of retro and classics. This image is very gentle and modest, so it is perfect for weddings in the church or for a traditional wedding. Dresses in the Empire style allow you to visually lengthen the figure due to the high waist, and this is why short brides often choose this silhouette. This style also allows you to hide the tummy, which makes it an ideal option for pregnant brides.

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Straight wedding dresses

Straight dresses are one of the most elegant, so this is the choice of real ladies. Such wedding dresses look good on miniature skinny girls, but long-legged beauties should be careful in choosing this style, because visually it makes the figure even higher. Straight dresses will fit into the celebration of any type, it is convenient to dance and sit at the table in them. This is a light summer option that you can also choose for a wedding on the beach.

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Midi Dresses

If you do not plan a large-scale celebration, but still want to show off in a snow-white outfit, perhaps you should opt for a dress of medium length. Such dresses do not constrain movement, it is convenient to dance in them, and they perfectly fit into the celebration in a restaurant or in a park. In addition, as a rule, dresses of medium length are cheaper. Another interesting, but more expensive option is a transformer dress. It allows you to make a compromise between showiness and convenience as a long skirt can be unfastened at any time and you will get a comfortable miniature dress.



Finally, let's talk about color. Of course, the most common are snow-white dresses. White color is still considered traditional, but now designers do not restrict brides in choosing color solutions. No less popular is the color of ivory, as well as powdery and pastel shades: pink, blue, smoky. There are bolder decisions: red, dark blue and even black. But consultants of wedding salons still advise choosing dresses of non-standard colors for the second or third wedding. It is better to buy more traditional variants for the first wedding.

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And one more tip

Before going to the bridal salon study carefully the pros and cons of the above styles again to figure out which outfit could suits you best. But also don’t ignore your own desires. When you first go to the salon be sure to try on different silhouettes, because you never know in advance what exactly you will like.

What wedding dress would you like to get?