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What is Fashion Weeks?

Since the beginning of the month, the headlines of glossy magazines are full of news from Fashion Week: for example, Milan Fashion Week has started today. The question is: what is happening there, what influence do these 7 days have and why are they so important for the industry? Fashion Week is a fashionable event about 7 days long, during which designers present their collections. Among the guests there are usually the most famous fashion designers, journalists, critics, buyers and clients of the brands themselves. The main Fashion Weeks, in which the ready-to-wear collections are shown, take place in February and September. It is here that we see that in a couple of months will be on the shelves in boutiques. There are specialized events: Wedding Fashion Week, Jewelry Week and others. Highlights Fashion couture weeks, which take place in January and July. Haute Couture - collections of high fashion, which is more of an art than it has commercial overtones. Things are created in a single copy, and designers are approved by the High Fashion Chamber. Each country can arrange a Fashion Week (and not even one!), But the most significant is the so-called "Big Four": shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. They pass in that order. At the “Big Four” shows, designers “open the season” and set trends that other brands and, of course, the mass market will adhere to. As already mentioned, Milan Fashion Week has begun today and will last until February 25th. In Italy, such collections as Gucci, Moncler, Max Mara, Prada, Moschino, Versace and other stars of the fashion world will show their collections.