What Shoes to Choose with Mini, Midi and Maxi

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When creating looks, girls often faced the question of how to choose shoes for skirts of different lengths. The difficulty lies in the fact that both of these pieces of wardrobe must work in unison to make the ensemble look harmonious and stylish.

When choosing shoes, it is important to consider the following parameters: your height and age, as well as the lifestyle and the style you prefer in clothing. These four criteria will influence the creation of the look and define the way you will match the length of a skirt with shoes.

As for design, it is better to look at the classic models without unnecessary details, zippers, locks and frilly prints. Pay attention to the heel: it is better if it is a standard shape and matching the shoes. Such a look will turn out to be more concise.

Don’t forget about the rule of the Golden section: the more complex your look is, the easier and more concise your shoes should be. Conversely, to make an outfit of basic monochrome items look stylish and thoughtful, you can choose a more interesting model of boots or shoes.

What shoes to wear with mini skirt

It is believed that almost any footwear is suitable for mini-skirts – from high jackboots to high-heeled sandals. In fact, it all depends on the model of the skirt. For example, a generic version of the A-silhouette shouldn’t be combined with high-heeled shoes, otherwise the look will be too provocative.

The length of a mini skirt will perfectly complement the boots. But the heel shouldn’t be higher than 5-7 inches. More than that, the top of the look should be more voluminous, for example, you may put on an oversized jacket or a loose coat. And don't forget: tights should match your shoes, so that the silhouette looks solid.

No less interesting option is the mini-length skirt combined with rough boots - it turns out to be a game of contrast: the contrast is a good option – a combination of daring and sexy. A similar effect can be achieved if you combine a mini skirt with high- or low-heeled ankle boots.

Pay attention to low-heeled shoes with thick soles, but it is better to give up low boots and ballet flats, because they will look disproportionate with mini.

What shoes to wear with midi skirt

A midi length skirt will look good with classic shoes and loafers. You’ll get a stylish fall or winter look if you combine a midi skirt with boots and ankle boots. And to create a more relaxed and casual look, pay attention to sneakers.

Always try to leave a gap between shoes and a skirt hem (except when it comes to high boots) – so the look will be more refined. Ankle boots are recommended to choose above the ankles: they are versatile and will leave a small area of ​​the “naked” leg, which will make the look easier.

Any boots suit midi skirt: lace-up boots, riding boots and so on. However, it is better for short girls to give preference to models with an elongated nose, since it visually stretches the look.

What shoes to wear with a maxi skirt

In this case, it all depends on what reason you plan to wear the ensemble, as well as what style your look belongs to. If you want to create a sophisticated evening look, you can opt for classic pumps for a maxi skirt. Tall girls may wear a maxi skirt with ballet flats or sandals.

In everyday looks, maxi skirts are organically combined with boots, as well as ankle boots and heeled shoes. If you choose flat shoes, give preference to sneakers with thick soles or loafers. Choose shoes with an oval or sharp nose, not rounded. So the image will look more modern.

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