How to chose a leather skirt for this and next season?

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Leather skirts look very stylish on mannequins and in glossy magazines, but many women are afraid to buy this item of clothes, because they do not know how to choose the right model, what to wear with a leather skirt, and for what cases it is suitable. We have the answer to these questions: a fashionable leather skirt can be combined with any clothes, and you can wear it for any occasion.

What models of leather skirts are available?

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is a classic version that is suitable for any age and almost any body type. The length of the pencil skirt is either slightly higher or slightly below the knee. It is practical, suitable for a strict office style, as well as for casual images and even for festive occasions. The high-rise option goes well with blouses and jumpers.

A-line skirt

A-line skirt is also suitable for girls with any type of figure, both slim and curvy. A-line skirts allow you to visually lengthen your legs, mark the waist and hide your hips. In the leather version, this type of skirt is another classic option, suitable for different occasions and events. In combination with a white blouse it creates a strict laconic look, and completed with bright sweaters and jumpers it makes an elegant and festive bow.

Sun skirt

This version of the skirt is considered more suitable for young girls, because it allows to create a playful and bold image. However, presented in an elongated version, this kind of a skirt will also look good on older women. In general, when choosing a skirt from the leather of any model, always pay attention to its length.

With lace

A leather skirt with a lace layer allows you to create light and airy images by combining a delicate lace pattern and bold leather. This option looks feminine both in midi length and in more elongated versions. Such a skirt will inevitably attract attention, so this is more suitable for a parties and holidays.

Perforated skirt

A perforated skirt is another bright and festive option. Perforation allows you to create a noticeable pattern on the fabric, thanks to which the leather product becomes even more interesting and original. However, if such a skirt is diluted with calm outerwear, it can also be used for everyday life.

Pleated Skirt

A pleated leather skirt is a novelty of recent seasons and one of the most interesting and unusual options for a leather skirt. This skirt, presented in various lengths, creates a feminine and light look and is suitable for both spring and winter season. This style looks especially advantageous with oversized sweaters.

Color combinations

How to wear a black leather skirt?

Black leather skirt is the most popular variant of this wardrobe item and it can be found in many clothing stores and in all the styles listed above. It can be combined with almost anything, including office blouses and shirts, cardigans and t-shirts, sweaters and jumpers. A black leather skirt allows you to experiment with a wide variety of looks and goes with any color. And this is a great option for clothing for your base and capsule wardrobe. If you are a little tired of black, then pay attention to the dark blue leather skirt - it is also versatile and practical.

How to wear a brown leather skirt?

The second most popular option after the black one. Looks great with white blouses, but also looks good with blouses and sweaters in blue shades. In combination with clothes of pastel colors allows you to create a calm everyday look, more daring bows are obtained in combination with sweaters of bright colors.

How to wear a white leather skirt?

Perhaps the most festive and at the same time impractical option. The white skirt is the hardest to find in the store. A sweater, T-shirt or blouse in black will look perfect with this skirt. Also goes well with navy blue. Other shades look good, but far from spectacular. However, it all depends on the image you want to create.

How to wear a burgundy leather skirt?

The burgundy color for leather products has gained popularity last season, in stores there is a large selection of leather jackets of this color. The skirt is no exception. A leather skirt in burgundy or wine color will look good with plain shirts and blouses.

How to wear a red leather skirt?

And this is an option for the most daring and courageous girls, because red leather immediately attracts attention. If you want to muffle this effect a little, then wear it with plain clothes of pastel shades or with a black turtleneck.

By the way, it is not necessary to buy a skirt made of genuine leather. Many famous brands actively use eco leather when creating new collections. It looks no worse, costs less and, best of all, is produced without harm to animals.

What to wear with?

A leather skirt is combined with any wardrobe items, including shirts, sweaters and even hoodies and bombers. We will show only the most common images with a leather skirt, but remember that this is not an exhaustive list.

With jacket

A leather skirt can be worn with a jacket. Also, do not be afraid to combine a leather skirt with a leather jacket. This set looks stylish and does not cause any complaints from designers. Actually, a leather skirt will not come into dissonance with any type of outerwear, like a fur coat, coat, trench coat - all these options will complement the image with a leather skirt.

With a blouse

A leather skirt with a blouse is a win-win combination for a business style. White top and black bottom is the most basic option, so your outfit will never look outdated if it consists of a simple white blouse and a black leather skirt. You can also create an image in the style of total-black and this will also look good.

With a shirt

A leather skirt with a shirt is another classic combination. It looks great combined with a large check shirt or denim shirt. However, you should not limit yourself to this list only. You can experiment with prints, choose clothes decorated with various elements. An option for the cold season is a skirt with a turtleneck or sweater.Here, designers also do not limit us in choosing the right model. You can combine a leather skirt with tight-fitting sweaters as well as with over-size models.

What shoes to wear?

It may seem suspicious, but even here, stylists do not limit our choice: we are allowed to wear a leather skirt with any type of shoes.

High boots

This is the most extravagant option, which is the most difficult to choose so that the image does not turn out to be vulgar. There is no universal rule here and everything will depend on the length of the skirt and boots, their color and style.


A leather skirt in combination with sneakers creates a sports or casual look that is suitable for long walks or shopping. This is a simple, but at the same time stylish combination.

With high-heeled shoes

A leather skirt can be worn with ankle boots. A pleated skirt is best combined with high-heeled shoes.

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