What to wear in cool weather in the summer?

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Since in August in the middle zone of Russia it very often gets cold, we want to tell you about how you can insulate summer onions. There are several stylish and practical ways to wear layered outfits in the cold summer.

Dress + raincoat, denim jacket, denim shirt or windbreaker

Add another layer! With a light summer dress, dense tops that will protect from the cool wind will perfectly combine. Thanks to the latest fashion collections, it is not scary to combine a sports jacket with the most unexpected items - for example, a flower dress. A blazer with bikes or shorts, a denim shirt or khaki over a dress, or a denim jacket with a silk skirt and a crop top look great.

Suit + Sandals

It is not necessary to wear tight trousers and a fitted jacket in the office. You can safely replace a formal suit with a relaxed version with trousers and a man's jacket. You will be much more comfortable in loose-fitting clothing. And don't be afraid to wear sandal suits: such a kit rarely looks bad.

Dress made of natural materials + mules

Indeed, the most important thing in choosing clothes for a hot / cold day is materials. In a cotton or viscose dress you will be much more comfortable than in a polyester sundress. We highly recommend that you have a bright and colored umbrella for the summer.

Dress + light trench

This is perhaps the most stylish and practical image that is familiar to many girls. By the way, in this way it is not necessary to go to work, you can safely go for a walk on the weekend or drink champagne on the terrace.

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