Who was at the premiere of "The Lion King" in London?


Starting tomorrow, a remake of the Disney cartoon "The Lion King" is released in Russia. Studio Walt Disney decided to repeat one of his most successful paintings at a new technological level. The story of the brave lion cub Simba, who won the hearts of millions of people around the world, has reached a new level. On the screen, the animals and the atmosphere of the African savannah are embodied very realistically. In the process of preparation, the film crew even made several expeditions to Kenya in order to pick up real geographic locations, which they then launched into the animated world. But the plot remains the same as in the 1994 cartoon.

On the premiere of "The Lion King" came a lot of famous personalities, among whom were: Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markl, the head of Disney company Bob Iger, the director of the film John Favreau, as well as the actors and performers who voiced the characters of the film: Beyonce, Seth Rogen, Billie Aikner , Florence Kasumba and many others. Among the guests of honor of the premiere were also the creators of music, both to the classic animation film of 1994, and to the new version: Hans Zimmer, Sir Elton John, Sir Tim Rice, Lebo M and Farrell Williams.

Elton John admitted at the premiere: "I am happy that I happened to participate in the creation of the cartoon. "The Lion King" has become part of my life, it goes everywhere in the world. I have seen him 40 times."

The social event can be considered partly charitable - the premiere of a remake of the famous Disney film animation film was held in support of Prince Harry’s efforts to protect Africa’s wildlife.

During the event, the royal couple talked to the singer Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z. The artist recorded the soundtrack for the film and voiced the lioness Nala. The Duchess of Sussex greeted the singer and hugged her tightly. According to American tabloids, celebrities talked about children, and Jay-Zi advised young parents to "always find time for themselves."



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This evening, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended #TheLionKing European premiere in London at the Odeon Theatre. In celebration of the film’s release, The Walt Disney Company announced #ProtectThePride, a global conservation campaign to support efforts protecting the rapidly diminishing lion population across Africa. As a part of their commitment to this cause, Disney also made a donation to The Duke of Sussex’s upcoming environment & community initiative which will be formally announced this autumn. The Duke and Duchess are committed to advancing conservation efforts across Africa and around the world, and working with communities to ensure a sustainable future for the planet. This evening Their Royal Highnesses had the pleasure of meeting the cast and creative team behind the film, as well as supporters of @africanparksnetwork, of which The Duke is President. Photo credit: PA images / Getty images - Chris Jackson

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We felt the love last night! It was wonderful to celebrate #TheLionKing with collaborators, old friends and Max & Annabel. We’re in theaters July 19! 🦁

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In @tomford for the U.K. premiere of The Lion King. This movie is truly stunning and such a great escape from the news of the day. Opens Friday!!! Thanks to @jennyricker and @jennierobertshair for the look. #TheLionKing

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