Wish list: Jewelry That Everyone Wants to Get for Christmas

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They say, whatever you wish for Christmas, everything will happen and everything will come true. And if it is so, then make dare wishes: luxurious rings with emeralds and sapphires, diamond necklaces, chandelier earrings or in the shape of diamond wings, and other jewelry. And may all dreams come true!

Luxurious necklaces and pendants for special occasion

A luxurious necklace is the main must have for those who are used to being in sight. With its help, it’s easy to change your look: in a blink of an eye, a white shirt and skirt will turn into a cocktail look, and a classic pantsuit will turn into an evening one. Spectacular evening bandeau dresses also need a decent frame, and a necklace will fill this emptiness in the best way possible. In the end, long necklaces, as well as chains with pendants, make the accent on the neckline – and that will be the “final shot” for those who are used to being in the spotlight and need it.

1 - Bulgari necklace, 2 - Chaumet necklace, 3 - Tiffany & Co. pendant

Spectacular earrings and rings

Earrings will help to set the right accents in the look - you can guess the character of their owners from them. Thin frame earrings are a choice of rebels, while neat, but noticeable are for intellectual women, massive and unusual in design are for fans of fun parties and l'art de vivre. There is the same thing with rings - be sure, if a girl has a ring resembling a royal tiara on her finger, she is especially demanding and exacting (and with great taste, by the way).

1 - Stephen Webster earrings, 2 - Piaget earrings, 3 - Tiffany & Co. earrings, 4 - Mercury earrings, 5 - Chaumet ring

Fancy bracelets

Bracelets are a kind of aphrodisiacs that draw attention to the graceful female wrists. Tiny or massive, thin or wide, with or without stones - each of them will become a spectacular accent in the image. Chain bracelets look good together with other bracelets, as well as with watches. They are perfect for every day life. But wide models and multi-tiered ones are more self-sufficient and suitable for special outings. So what do you choose?

1 - Chopard bracelet, 2 - Pasquale Bruni bracelet, 3 - Bulgari bracelet, 4 - Piaget bracelet


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