Journey to the edge of the jungle: launch of the new World Fashion Covers project and the first cover for L’Officiel Austria

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It’s time for the long-awaited premiere episode of World Fashion Covers, a brand new special project from World Fashion Channel! All you wanted to know about the life and the secrets to success of popular top models, about the birth of legendary covers for leading worldwide magazines and about the best locations for the fashion shoots which were selected from the list of dozens or even hundreds of suitable options. The fashion insiders are going to talk about all the details of the production process from A to Z exclusively for the World Fashion Channel. Believe us, they got something to say!

Every episode of the reality show will be dedicated to the success story of one model who will shoot for the cover of some iconic fashion magazines. The girls will tell the audience about their lives, ups and downs, about the difficulties they have to face whilst working as a model. They will also reveal how it feels to be a cover girl. Besides, you will see fabulous locations scattered across all continents, the work of real professionals and only genuine emotions.

The first cover for L’Officiel Austria is a great start and a big challenge. This cover became the first not only in the project but also in the career of the American model Scarlett Leithold. In the interview for World Fashion Channel, the girl admitted that she had never starred for magazines covers before so this shooting is one of the most important events in her career for today. It has to be said that she was worried about nothing. No doubt, this girl was born to be on covers of the most influential fashion magazines. Bravo, Scarlett!

A native of Los Angeles, California, Scarlett Leithold signed her first contract with a modeling agency at the age of fifteen. She is currently signed to Next Models Worldwide and has an impressive portfolio for a 22-year-old girl. The young model has been lucky enough to work with a great number of top and famous designers as well as become an ******* star winning the love of over 2.6 million subscribers. In this episode, Scarlett will be telling her success story: how she started out modeling, what difficulties she has faced, how modeling has changed her life, and are there any disadvantages to this “dream job”? Beyond that, Scarlett will also be giving some essential tips for novice models and sharing her vision for a successful career.

The shooting of the first episode took place in faraway Indonesia, on the paradise island of Bali, in the luxurious destination Hanging Gardens of Bali. Located in the heart of the tropical jungle and surrounded by mysterious natural scenery, this place amazes with its beauty! Every corner of this wonderful location inspires you to take the most daring and fantastic shots. A huge space, an ethnic interior with pieces of modern decor and a stunning panoramic pool give birth to a vivid contrast with the surrounding nature whilst creating an amazing atmosphere of complete harmony. This is where we managed to capture the magical unity of ScarlettLeithold’s charming beauty with the beauty of wild nature.

We wanted to show a beautiful place and express the natural beauty of our model by showing her inner world”, - this is how project photographer Irina Lis Costanzo describes the main idea of the shooting.

L’Officiel Austria March issue has embraced the most vivid and memorable pictures that will instantly take readers to the mysterious world of the tropics and eternal summer. All behind-the-scenes facts will be available in the first episode of the World Fashion Covers project. Scarlett Leithhold’s full  interview and the video from the  L'Officiel Austria cover filming will appear on in March. Stay tuned for more updates and see you soon!

Production: World Fashion Production

General producer: Kirill Bondarenko

Production manager: Ekaterina Antonovskaya

Model: Scarlett Leithold

Photographer and Art Director: Irina Lis Costanzo

Stylist: Erika Guerrisi

Stylist's assistant: Martina Frascari

Makeup artist: Fabiana Albanese

Hairstylist: Valeria Iovino 

Cameramen: Ruslan Murzaev, Marat Murzaev, Leo Novozhilov

Light assistant: Alexander Sysoev

Film director: Marina Loschakova

Location: Hanging Gardens of Bali Hotel & Resort, Bali, Indonesia


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