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Best Advent Calendars of December 2019

On the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, many companies issue limited gift advent calendars. The magical tradition of counting the days until the holidays and receiving a small present every day has taken root around the world. In this article, we have compiled the most beautiful and stylish advent calendars 2020. So, we start the countdown. Christmas and New Year is coming!

Blue Dream: Tiffany & Co

Every girl is definitely dreaming about this calendar. In 2019, for the first time in the company's history, Tiffany & Co released a Christmas Advent calendar. The layout of the calendar repeats the famous New York boutique on Fifth Avenue. Advent calendar can’t be called miniature - its height is 1.2 meters. There are 24 items, selected with love, inside the calendar. For sure, waiting for a holiday with Tiffany & Co won’t be boring. But let’s be honest! Would you make it last or open all the boxes on the first evening? In any case, with such an advent calendar, Santa Claus can wait. It’s unlikely that he will surprise something!

Waiting for a miracle with Villeroy & Boch

What does each person associate with Christmas and New Year? Right you are, with a Christmas tree! High-end porcelain brand Villeroy & Boch offers its customers to decorate a Christmas tree in early December. But the Christmas tree is going to be unusual. Made of premium porcelain and decorated with 24 toys, it will help brighten up the expectation of the holiday and enjoy every day until Christmas. The Christmas Toys collection combines nostalgic moments with modern design. Don’t forget, that the greatest pleasure lies in waiting for a miracle.

Treasure from Dior

According to illustrator Vincent Darré, thanks to this beauty calendar you can “open the door to the extraordinary world of high fashion”.  Advent calendar reveals all the secrets of the incredible Dior workshop.  In each window of the calendar you can find a landmark product from Dior or an exclusive gift. To spend 24 magical days before the Christmas with Dior - it sounds very stylish.

Shine with the MAC

This year, MAC decided to please its customers with an advent calendar in the form of a star. Moreover, inside the calendar you can find miniatures and full-sized products. Lipsticks, mascara, primer, eye shadow - all this is sure to come in handy both at the company party and at the New Year's party.

Countdown with Jo Malone

In anticipation of the main holiday, we always want time to speed up a little. However, with Jo Malone's Perfume Advent Calendar, you will dream that the days before the holidays never end. Fragrant surprises await you every day on this welcome calendar. One has only to open the window - and the space around you will immediately be filled with the atmosphere of the holiday.

Celebration for all senses from L'occitane

L'occitane believes that the New Year holidays should be prepared in advance. The brand offers to delight yourself every day with small surprises for the face and body. The creators of L'occitane Advent calendar filled the box with best-selling gifts and the latest innovations. The calendar, made in the style of a book of fairy tales, will definitely bring you a lot of pleasant moments. Many jars will probably come in handy during a little trip, and magical aromas will create a mood for the whole of December.

Festive Advent Calendar by Newby Teas

The charming world of the Japanese tea ceremony can be opened with the elegant Newby Teas Advent Calendar. The design of the calendar is thought out to the smallest detail. The windows that need to be opened every day are decorated with beautiful geisha. Each numbered box contains four tea bags. All bags are packed in an individual sachet of three-layer aluminum foil. So, you can enjoy the tea ceremony with your dearest.

A 24-day journey through the famous collection of classic tea bags won’t leave anyone indifferent. By the way, there are no two identical sorts of tea in this Advent calendar! Therefore, every day will begin with a surprise. A small bonus will wait for all art lovers at the end. As soon as the calendar is fully open, a watercolor painting of the snowy mountains of Fuji will take shape. So aesthetic pleasure can be obtained even after the tea is completely over.