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Cycling, Pottery and Floristry: Choosing Interesting Hobby to Be On-Trend

You shouldn’t wait for Mondays and other signs of fate to start a new business. Let’s choose an interesting and trendy hobby, that can be easily mastered in the near future.



Many people associate pottery with the movie Ghost, when handsome Patrick Swayze is sitting next to his beloved Demi Moore and helping her to make either a vase or flower pot – the scene turned out to be too romantic to pay attention to such details.

Recently, clay modeling is gaining popularity. They are visited not only by fans of needlework, but also by those who want to put their thoughts in order and relax, concentrating on the sensations. Working with plastic material develops motor skills and positively influences state of mind. In recent years, psychologists started using the clay therapy to restore person’s balance and harmony. It helps in solving various problems: from increased anxiety to self-doubt.

To study ceramics, you don’t need to go to special courses – a small potter’s wheel can be put at home. Small clay crafts – plates for accessories, pots for plants or Christmas decorations – can be presented to friends and acquaintances, supporting the trend for environmentally friendliness.

Painting with Epoxy Resin

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To learn how to paint with epoxy resin, you don’t need to have the Rembrandt’s talent - even someone who has avoided paints and brushes all his life can master this hobby. You can create pictures, resembling a cut of mineral, a raging sea or open space both in the studio and at home.

The most interesting thing in this process is impossibility to predict what the drawing will look like at the end of the work – the ink spreads and mixes with each other, intertwined in unique patterns. The colored resin remains liquid within an hour: during this time, you can add other shades and glitters, not limiting yourselves to the imagination. Due to the smooth transitions and a glossy shine, a finished picture acquires 3D effect and perfectly fits into even the most minimalist interior.

Flower Arrangement


Floristry - the art of making bouquets - is not only beautiful, but also relaxing. Psychologists call this art "a slow hobby for residents of big cities" and believe that it has a positive effect on the chakra of self-expression.

This hobby is not limited to any particular season –beginners can find all the necessary in any flower shop. The compositions can be made from living plants and dried ones – in this case, they will be stored longer. Before starting, you will need to buy a minimal set of tools and choose flowers that you enjoy interacting with. You can complement bouquets with pieces of fabric, paper, threads and ribbons, not limiting your imagination and creative impulses.



Cycling – high-intensity workout on an exercise bike - was invented in the 90’s, but it gained popularity relatively recently. Fitness instructors say that according to the degree of load and the level of hormones produced, it can replace jogging or your favorite artist’s concert. The myth, that only leg muscles are pumped during training on an exercise bike, is wrong. Professional coaches come up with exercises that can be performed, without stopping to turn the pedals – with their help, the load is evenly distributed throughout the body.

A standard lesson lasts about an hour – but you don't have to look at one point all the time alone with your thoughts. In general, cycling is a little similar to a leisurely bike ride in the summer park. Pedals should be turned as intensively as possible, while not forgetting to do of torso, push-ups and even jumps - all this without getting up from the simulator. Classes are held in front of a large screen that broadcasts scenic landscapes or movies, and a dynamic playlist sounds in the background. Cycling burns a huge amount of calories through aerobic exercise, pumps muscle and gives incomparable energy. So, put your feet on the pedals and go forward to a healthy body and good mood.

A Second Life for Old Things


In the era of sustainability and conscious consumption, it becomes unethical to throw away old clothes. It’s better to give it for recycling or learn a new kind of hobby called "the second life for old things".

For example, from t-shirts and shirts that you have not worn for a long time, you can sew a patchwork quilt or a set of kitchen pot holders, while knitwear can be used for creating a few soft toys. No patterns and rules – the key point here is to show imagination. Do you remember the moment from Twilight when Bella's mom gave her a blanket made from t-shirts brought from different music festivals? Well, she knew a lot about conscious consumption even before it became extremely trendy.