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Dude With Sign: What We Know About Him

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25 Feb 2020

It’s not so easy to get a place in the front row of a fashion show: usually we see editor-in-chiefs of glossy magazines, supermodels and celebrities there. However, at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, the main guest of the show was ... Dude With Sign. There was an inscription “Ciao Mamma!  This is My First Fashion Show" on an ordinary square-sized cardboard.

Before the show, Dolce & Gabbana brand invited the guy to announce their show. A young man posed (of course, in a suit from Dolce) on the streets of Milan with the sign “This sign is #DGEnough?” and posted these photos on *******.

Who is this guy and how did he manage to become a celebrity just thanks to the simple sign? The young man's name is Seth Philipps, and he made a name for himself on social media due to his hilarious protest signs. His ******* account has about 5.3 million followers, although Seth’s account has existed just since October. It was that time when the guy began to go out to solo rallies, holding a sign in his hands with funny inscriptions like: "Why does it feel like Mercury is always in Retrograde?"  or "Yes, Grandma, I'm still Single." By the way, even Justin Bieber took part in one of the protests.

While most protests revolve around a serious issue, event, or policy, Dude With Sign takes random things that are close to everyone: you too get angry when your name is written incorrectly on a coffee cup, don’t you?




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