Fashion Biology: Instagram Account That Compares Runway Looks with Insects

An unusual Instagram account has appeared on the Internet, which compares looks from fashion shows with representatives of flora and fauna. According to the creator of the profile, the patchwork trench from the last Marni show was inspired by motley fish, and Moschino voluminous skirts look like giant jellyfish.


The profile description says: "My father took my VOGUE away, so I read the encyclopedia instead". The account was created on January 11, 2020, but managed to gather almost one and a half thousand subscribers.

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The cathedral-worthy Scorpion Fly is best known for its enlarged genitals that resemble a scorpion stinger (not kidding) but I think the magnificent stained glass-esque wings are the real show stopper. Mecoptera, their genus name, means “long wings,” which are membraneous adult outgrowths of the insect’s exoskeleton. The patterns result from the fusion and cross-connection of the wing veins, but they are surprisingly weak flyers. More reason for them to just rest on leaves and look flawless for the camera. . . . . . . #aw20 #fw20 #runwayshow #fashionweek #fashionweek2020 #parisfashionweek #pfw #pfw2020 #hautecouture #biomimicry #tonyward

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It seems that the creator of the profile has really considerable knowledge in biology - in the description for each post, he tells interesting facts about plants and insects, and also tags accounts of famous brands in the photo. Sometimes, the similarity turns out to be so realistic that it seems as if the designers were actually inspired by the motives of wildlife, and they looked for ideas for their prints on the wings of butterflies and flower petals.


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