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Fashion Exhibitions 2020: What to Visit Around the World

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10 Mar 2020

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has made major changes in the plans of some travelers, many museums and exhibitions continue to wait for visitors. Moreover, 2020 is going to be very rich: the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, the exhibition dedicated to designers Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin, the exhibition of the legendary club "Studio 54". We have made a selection of the most fashionable exhibitions that will take place worldwide in 2020.

Marche Et Démarche. Une Histoire De La Chaussure – Paris

Until March 22, visitors to Paris have the opportunity to visit an exhibition with the poetic title "Marche Et Démarche", dedicated to the history of shoes. The exposition is presented at the Museum of decorative arts. Among the exhibits, you can see both elegant shoes from the Middle Ages and futuristic models that look more like art objects than shoes in our usual sense.

Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent, Feminine Singular – Paris

The opening of each exhibition at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris is a high-profile event in the fashion world. The new exhibition is dedicated to the woman who for many years was the main muse of the great designer. Betty Catroux inspired Saint Laurent to create new collections, and the Maestro dedicated the iconic tuxedo to her, which became the brand’s hallmark. You’ll see Betty’s luxurious outfits created by Yves Sen-Laurent, to learn more about their creative union and to see how one woman can influence the development of the entire fashion industry until October 11.

Ballerina: Fashion's Modern Muse – New York

The exhibition, which runs at the New York Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology, is a true gift for those, who are interested not only in fashion, but also in ballet. The organizers of the exhibition reveal the performing arts from a different perspective: we’re invited to learn how ballet affects the fashion trends. After visiting the exhibition until April 18, you will learn whether ballet tutus, tights and Pointe shoes be on-trend next season.

Christian Louboutin Exhibition[niste] – Paris

Confirming his iconic status, Christian Louboutin decided to organize an entire exhibition in his honor. Until the end of July, come to the Palace Port Dorée in Paris to see rarest artifacts from the designer’s personal collections, including models of shoes, that were created in collaboration with Hollywood celebrities. You may even be able to look at the famous Malangeli model, which was inspired by the image of Angelina Jolie from the movie "Maleficent". The exhibition runs until July 26.

Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk – London

Mysterious and fascinating East continues to inspire many European designers. To better understand the phenomenon of the popularity of Eastern aesthetics, the Victoria and Albert Museum organizes a large-scale exhibition devoted to the art of making kimono and its influence on fashion. The exhibition, which runs until June 21, covers several historical periods at once, and visitors will have the opportunity to learn about how the kimono affected the status of Japanese women.

Studio 54: Night Magic – New York

The legendary Studio 54 club is opening its doors again. The Brooklyn Museum invites visitors not only to learn more about the history of this institution, but also to plunge into the fashion world of the disco era with its acid colors and outrageous design. This exhibition is a real time machine, because under the Museum’s roof, the organizers recreated the thematic areas that provide a comprehensive idea of how famous Studio 54 parties were held and how the main style icons of the past dressed. The exhibition is to open on March 13 and run until July 5.

Bags: Inside Out – London

From the end of April, London will welcome an exhibition dedicated to the most essential accessory in women's wardrobe - the handbag. How the accessory has changed over centuries, how the iconic well-known models were created and what changes are waiting for a bag in the future – this and much more can be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street – London

Right after you learn more about the history of bags, go to the London Design Museum. From May 6, there will be an exhibition, dedicated to sneakers. Once again, we will find out how the shoe design has changed, how the iconic sneaker models were created. The exhibition will show collector's items and even give you the opportunity to feel like a shoe designer.

About Time: Fashion and Duration – New York

This is the most anticipated fashion exhibition of the year. Met Gala is traditionally organized in honor of its opening. It will be held at the Metropolitan Museum. This year, The Costume Institute has dedicated the exhibition to the fashion history: the exhibition covers 150 years of development of the fashion industry. To demonstrate the cyclical nature of fashion, its important social aspect and impact on society – these are just some of the goals, set by the organizers. The exhibition will last for four months, starting from May 7.

Prada. Front and Back – London

You’ll be able to learn main secrets and mysteries of the Prada fashion house at the first personal Museum exhibition, dedicated to the brand. The exhibition will be presented at the London Design Museum. The exhibition gives an opportunity to look at the brand’s development from a different angle, to find out what role art, cinema, design and even architecture has played in shaping the company’s culture.

Dior Exhibition - The Hague

The exposition, dedicated to the legendary designer Christian Dior, continues its journey across Europe. After France and the UK, the exhibition goes to the Netherlands, where from October 10 you’ll be able to see the cult works of Dior. You can follow the creative path of the designer and learn about the fate of the fashion house after the death of the fashion designer under his successors - John Galliano, Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Chiuri - at The Hague Art Museum.


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