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How to decorate Christmas tree and house for the New year? Tips from professionals

Christmas holidays are very close. This time is the most magical of the year. But we need to think in advance and give a magical atmosphere to our home. edition asked professional decorators to tell what trends in decorating Christmas trees and the house are relevant this year.

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2020

Earlier, we used the same toys and techniques to decorate the Christmas tree. Now it’s trendy to experiment with different styles and even to invite decorators to design the winter beauty. We asked the designer and window decorator Kirill Lopatinsky to tell our audience about the most interesting ways to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree in the style of “Nutcracker”

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A win – win option for decorating the Christmas tree is to use the symbol of the year. Next year is the year of the mouse, and to play this story beautifully and interestingly, you can turn to Peter Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker". For example, use a wooden lacquer Nutcracker and Mouse King in the form of toys, made of glass with painting.

When decorating the Christmas tree, you can focus on the theatrical style and to support the theme of theater and ballet. Use a color combination with dominant red and gold. Gold can be smooth, as it’s on candelabra, or matte, as on the elements of stucco. It's a classic theatrical color combination. Complement it with the usual decorative elements - candlesticks, chandeliers, add crystal. The light on the trees must be also theatrical, warm and muted.

Christmas tree of color of the year

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The use of a certain color is another interesting trend.

Every year, the European Pantone Color Institute names the color of the year. Now it’s live coral.

One of the options for using the live coral color combination is futuristic: use the tree itself and toys of one color. This can be easily done with the help of spray paint, but European companies have a special offer: they order a Christmas tree already painted in the color of the year or any other color. This Christmas tree will have a flock-style texture, which creates the effect of soft needles and snow.

Christmas tree in the seaside theme

The second option of using the live coral is to combine it with shades of turquoise in a marine theme. You’ll get a Christmas tree that will remind you about summer trips to the sea. Pearls, treasures, shells – the whole installation is played out in the theme of the gifts of the sea.

Now there is a large selection of toys and decor elements that support this trend: shells, corals, fish, sea reptiles and masters of the seas - from mermaids to Poseidon.

Also, the sea is always a lot of glitter. The use of glitter will create the illusion of sea wave’s shine, as if all the toys and jewelry are left with drops of water.

Fresh flowers and other decorations

Photo: from the Kirill Lopatinsky’s archive

Another trend is to use fresh flowers and other natural materials when decorating the Christmas tree.

You can make compositions of winter plants-poinsettias. There’re also different berries in winter, for example, gualtiere – it’s similar to the cranberry. This creeping plant is very beautiful. By the way, the composition with these berries is quite a long time.

How to decorate a house for Christmas

Christmas tree is the main symbol of the New year and Christmas, but you won’t be able to create the atmosphere of magic without the right decoration. Veronica Tabenskaya, co-founder of OTTEPEL Design Buro, tells how to decorate a house for the holidays.

The trend for naturalness

When decorating the house, use natural motifs and don’t overload the interior with unnecessary details. The lack of abundance of small details makes it possible to enjoy the simplicity of forms and texture of natural materials. Fir branches and evergreens, dried mushrooms and pine cones, Northern berries and spicy cinnamon-the forest always gives us bright touches for a festive interior.

Color solution

Pay attention to the non-standard shades of familiar colors.

The coloring becomes more complex. All colors go in dark tones: purple, blue, dark emerald. Blue becomes the color of the night sky, and silver is twitched by patina. Grey looks very impressive in minimalist and urban interiors.

The polished glow is gone, so, the latest trends are rust, oxidized metal stains and patina. This year, materials and laconic forms are more important than a variety of colors.

Lighting decoration

It’s very important to think through the light and lighting decoration: it sets the tone for the festive mood. Candles, lanterns, garlands are in the course. And you can use them unconventionally. For example, hang a garland on a ladder and make an art object out of it.

Retro elements

Christmas toys from the past and old boxes are also very useful for decorating the Christmas interior.

In the design of private interiors, returning to tradition and history is always relevant. What could be better than a box of retro jewelry that belonged to your grandma? Combining vintage and modern materials, you can give a new sound to old things, and add some charm to the home atmosphere.


Smells is another element that creates the right mood, so it’s worth considering what flavors will be filled with your home on New year's eve. Use natural oils - mandarin, pine needles, spice cloves and cinnamon. Successful Christmas flavors are cedar with grapes and pomegranate; citrus with cinnamon; tonka beans and the aroma of oud tree oil. You can buy not only essential oils, but also ready-made scented candles that are easy to connect with the decor.

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