Most Popular TikTokers

They are invited to fashion shows, record videos and produce fashion collaboration, and millions subscribers follow their life on social networks. These are not Hollywood stars or even Instagram models, but TilTokers – representatives of generation Z and Alpha, who have become main influencers of recent years. Let’s find out, why they are so famous and what TilTokers are worth to be subscribed.

No. 1. Loren Gray – 39.9 million


today i will be cosplaying as myself

♬ original sound - krzyaudios

The first place in the ranking of the most influential TikTokers belongs to the singer and influencer Loren Gray. Loren's path to glory wasn’t easy: after the girl became popular on the music platform in 2015, she was bullied at school and had to move to another city and started developing new social networks. Her choice fell on the TikTok platform, where she shared wind-up dance videos. Now Gray has gained incredible popularity not only as a TikToker, but also as a singer: she has released several popular singles and even starred in the video for Taylor Swift.

No. 2. Zach King – 35.9 million


Defying the laws of ##physics 🍎

♬ original sound - zachking

Zach King is a video editor, who became a real star thanks to Vines and commercials on YouTube and TikTok. Using his skills, Zach creates videos, that violate the laws of physics and create the magic of editing. King modestly calls his work "digital sleight of hand", and it is his unusual and exciting videos, that made King one of the most popular TikTok users.

No. 3. Charli D'amelio to 32.1 million



♬ original sound - yoboiidave

For six months, Charli D’amelio’s channel has gathered more than 32 million subscribers and continues growing at an incredible pace. Charli became famous for his complex, but fun dance moves to the latest music hits. In the TikTok community, there is a joke: if D’amelio dances to your song, it will definitely become a hit. It only proves how much influence Charlie and other Tiktokers have on the media space.

No. 4. Baby Ariel - 30.3 million


someone knocked on the door at the end

♬ marry you - weboutthatclout69

In the TikTok community, Ariel Rebecca Martin is known under the pseudonym Baby Ariel. The girl creates high energy dance videos for the platform, but this is not the only reason for her popularity. Martin of various talk shows. Her campaign against school bullying, that Ariel launched in 2015, has brought fans’ recognition. And two years later, in 2017, the Timemagazine recognized Martin as one of the most influential Internet users in the world.

No. 5. Riyaz Aly – 29.5 million


Kamal hai 🔥♥️ ##riyaz ##duetwithriyaz ##riyazaly ##loveyouall

♬ original sound - prnkllp

Indian actor Riyaz Aly is only 15, but he has already managed to acquire the status of influencer and true style icons, thanks to the bright and original TikTok videos. The hashtag #DuetWithRiyaz has become incredibly popular on the platform: in his videos, Riyaz encourages fans and followers to participate in challenges and record videos with him.

No. 6. Gil Croes – 23.5 million


I had to do this🤣💀

♬ Opaul - Freddie Dredd

In his homeland – in a small country Aruba – Gil Croes is known as an actor who received the award for best actor at the short film festival. However, real fame and a million-strong army of fans came to Gil after he joined TikTok. His popularity on the platform is associated with a unique video style: Gil not only comes up with original characters, but also shoots a series of short films and shares them in the form of separate clips on the platform.

No. 7. Kristen Hancher – 23,4 million


Because of this Tik tok I could stop say “shake dat ring” all dang day😂

♬ Get Busy (Shake That Thing) - laurieelle

Before becoming a famous TikToker, Kristen Hancher published makeup tutorials on YouTube, but for TikTok the girl completely changed her profile. Now Kristen records short videos to music hits and demonstrates not only her make-up skills and experiments with style, but also dance moves, as well as her incredible facial expressions.

No. 8. Arishfa Khan – 22 million


Chabaoga aur thok dunga🔥 ##arishfakhan ##duetwitharishfa ##arishfashayari ##shayari ##poetry ##slowmo ##trending ##foryou

♬ original sound - Arishfa Khan

Arishfa Khan – a 16-year-old girl from India, who started her career as an actress at the age of 9. Acting talent allowed Arishfa to gain popularity on the Internet: videos in the lip synk style bring millions of views, and her charming smile and bright appearance deserved the love of fans around the world.

No. 9. Brent Rivera – 21.7 million


Perfect match @piersonwodzynski

♬ original sound - griffennn

American actor Brent Rivera has starred in several films and TV series, but he is better known as a TikToker who writes funny Comedy video sketches. In the videos, that is a few seconds long, Brent puts so much humor and emotions as you can't always get from watching a full-length film.


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