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Top Travel Bloggers, You Should Subscribe To

Because of coronavirus, many travelers had to refuse planned trips, to cancel hotel reservations and flights. But this doesn’t mean, that we should completely forget about the dream of going on a trip – now is high time to carefully consider the details of your future trips.

How to think through the most picturesque route for travel, which hotels to stay in and what clothes to take on vacation to look stylish, even during a Safari – this and many other things are told and shown by popular travel bloggers.


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Публикация от TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE BLOGGER (@pilotmadeleine)


The Instagram account of a girl from Munich named Madeleine is one of the most popular travel blogs on the platform. In 2015, Madeleine started her trip around the world and in five years managed to visit the most beautiful places on the planet. The @pilotemadeline account is full of photos of specific hotels, beautiful beaches and snow-capped peaks. The girl shares tips not only about how to organize a memorable journey, but also about what outfits to choose for a trip to different countries, how to care for your hair after swimming in the sea and how to combine travel with bringing up children.

@ sonchicc

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Публикация от Sofi In Wonderland ??‍♀️ (@sonchicc)

Sonya Filippova is a winner of the Best travel blogger 2019 award. Her entire Instagram account is one big postcard that shows how beautiful our world can be. Sonya gladly shares her experience and reveals the tips of successful planning. How to get a visa quickly, what to do if you lose your passport, what restaurants, museums and exhibitions to visit and what time is better to visit a particular country – all this and much more can be found on Sonya’s Instagram.

@ gypsea_lust

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Публикация от lauren bullen (@gypsea_lust)

Lauren Bullen’s Instagram is one of the most beautiful travel blogs. But Lauren’s interests are much broader: she talks about proper nutrition, fitness, shares her stylish techniques and shows that anyone can turn their Instagram account into a beautiful and exciting story about adventures. And Bullen promises to teach you to process photos so that they will look like pictures from magazines.


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Публикация от Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea)

In her blog, Tara Whiteman from Australia tells about how to turn life into a real adventure. Tara’s Instagram is not the classic version of a travel blog: Whiteman pays more attention to not how to properly plan trips, but how to enjoy them. How to experience the most vivid and powerful emotions, how to turn a hobby into a career and how to get the best out of life – Tara knows well that the most important journey of a person starts from the moment that he dares to be happy.


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Публикация от Celinne | Story Magician (@celinnedacosta)

Celinne calls herself not just a travel blogger, but a real coach. In her blog, the girl talks about motivation, setting goals correctly, and finding yourself. For Celinne, journey is not just a hobby, but real magic. She travels worldwide in search of energy places that charge with positive emotions, inspiration and even bring healing.


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Публикация от Chelsea Y.✨? Hawaii + Travel (@chelseakauai)

Those, who have visited all the main tourist places in the world, should definitely look at the Chelsea’s Instagram. The author of the blog, which is followed by almost one million people, travels the world in search of places to relax. Chelsea leads a healthy lifestyle, tells her subscribers about conscious consumption, meditation and yoga, teaches how to live in harmony with oneself and the world. Traveling around the planet in search of yourself – this is the way you can describe a major project, that is led by a girl.


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Публикация от Selena Taylor | TRAVEL (@finduslost)

Selena Taylor is from New York, and her Instagram can be used instead of a book guide. The girl visits the main tourist points of the world and creates her own checklist for travelers. What is the best time to plan a vacation to get to the most beautiful festivals and carnivals, where to find the best locations for unique pictures and what should be taken into account, so that the trip does not disappoint– in her blog, Selena reveals the main secrets of a successful journey.


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Публикация от Wendy | Nomadic Fare (@nomadicfare)

By profession, Wendy is a creative designer, so it’s not surprising that every picture in her account is a real work of art. The girl is fond of photography and travelling, culture and art. In her blog, she talks about the way of life of local communities, customs and traditions of different countries. "I hope to inspire you to make your travel dreams come true, as well as reveal the secrets of how to make it happen," – Wendy describes herself.


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Публикация от ?Travel Blogger, Путешествия? (@my_musthave)

When you first visit Olga Kulikova’s account, it may seem that this is another blog that tells about travel. But in fact, this is a whole manual for those who want to change their lives and make their dreams come true. Previously, Olga worked in an office, but she was always interested in the subject of travel. The girl took up personal growth, worked with business coaches and eventually decided to completely change her life. Now Olga together with her husband travels to exotic countries, reveals the secrets of successful travel and inspires her followers not to be afraid of changes.


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Публикация от LONDON PHOTOGRAPHER (@miss_anastasia_u)

Anastasia is the author of one of the most successful Russian travel blogs. The girl has already visited 71 countries, and this despite the fact that she had to combine travel with work in the office. Anastasia's Instagram account offers planning tips: the author tells in detail when it’s best to buy tickets, what you can’t do without on a trip and how to find time to travel in your busy schedule. Now Anastasia travels the world less often: recently, she had a baby, but the girl shares her impressions of life in London.