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Unexpected! KFC and Crocs Launch Shoes that Smell Like Food

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15 Feb 2020

At New York fashion Week, Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs Clogs teamed up to present unusual shoes-crocs that smell like chicken. And that’s not a joke: the top of the model looks like a fried chicken, and the sole is made in a standard red and white color and resembles a branded KFC basket.

And yes, the two Jibbitz drumstick charms that come with the shoes are removable! The creators promise that they will smell like food. The shoes come in two styles: the platform “avant-garde” version resembling the classic KFC bucket worn by artist Me Love Me a Lot at fashion week shows and a more traditional Crocs clog version.

The official website does not indicate a date when the shoes will be available for purchase but reiterates that it will be sometime in Spring 2020. The ******* account for the shoes encourages people to put the footwear on their “bucket list.”

It is not clear whether the new collaboration will become popular, but many users on the network reacted negatively to the unusual design, commenting: "fashion is dead", "the most disgusting shoes in the world", "is this a joke?". However, there were also future fans of non-standard collaboration: "They are so cool! I must buy them". Long live fashion!


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