The Biggest 2022 Wedding Trends: Gloves, Open Shoulders, Cascading Ruffles & More

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On the evening of October 9, one of the most beautiful Fashion Weeks ended in New York, where Vera Wang, Naeem Khan, Viktor & Rolf, Scorcesa and other brands presented their new fall/winter 2022 wedding collections. Among the main trends are the desire for luxury, which has replaced minimalism, royal lace, cascades of frills and other interesting ideas of designers. Read our review and find out, how to choose a dream dress, what shades and accessories to pay attention to and what styles to bet on.

Appetite for luxury

The pandemic had a great impact on the trends in wedding fashion: many couples who had to postpone the ceremony for several years. Now, when it became possible to celebrate in the presence of guests, they decided to do it on a maximum scale. Nowadays, brides pay much more attention not to modest and laconic dresses, as it was quite recently, but to truly royal outfits - with lush hems, trains, lace, gold threads, rhinestones from semi-precious stones and other luxurious details.

Dresses with gloves

Over the past few seasons, the retro style has strengthened its position in the fashion industry, which has now reached bridal fashion. One of its manifestations was that several brands presented gloves. Amsale Amsale and Hermione de Paula opted for classic versions of translucent lace, while Anne Barge and Odylyne The Ceremony bet on models made of mother-of-pearl silk. Vera Wong remained true to the outrageous style and complemented light airy dresses with black leather gloves, adding a touch of rebellious aesthetics to outfits ...

Openwork lace

Another symbol of the fall/winter 2022 wedding season will be a return to the classics - lace dresses that turn girls into chiseled figurines from a music box. Moreover, the choice of fabric doesn’t affect the style of the outfit at all: it can be a "mermaid" style that emphasizes all the curves of the figure, or noble A-silhouette, and even a daring mini. The fact that an openwork dress is an excellent choice is proved by the fact that it was in these that Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Haley Bieber, Nicky Hilton were married, and each of these star brides looked just great.

Cascades of ruffles

The ideal choice for all fans of the romantic style will be dresses with cascading ruffles made of light fabrics that do not overload the look, but at the same time add a little volume to it. One of their main advantages is that they look no worse in motion than in photographs, so if you plan to dance a lot at a wedding, but feel relaxed, rely on such options and complement the look with catchy accessories - chandelier earrings, necklaces with large stones or several bracelets at once.

Square cutouts

Square cuts have been undeservedly forgotten for a long time, but justice has finally triumphed, and they are back in fashion. It seems that such a long break even went to their advantage: on the one hand, they look very traditional, and on the other, spectacular and unusual. By the way, it is believed among stylists that such dresses not only look very elegant, but also visually make the neck a little longer and the shoulders more graceful.

Light tulle dresses

In addition to lace and fabrics embroidered with glittery threads, another designers’ favorite for fall / winter 2022 will be translucent tulle, which provides a huge amount of space for creativity. It looks harmoniously on short dresses with hems in the style of ballet tutu skirts, and on trains several meters long. In addition, it’s quite often used when creating accessories that complement the look - veils, light capes, removable sleeves, robes and capes, since it goes well with other fabrics - satin, chiffon, taffeta, brocade and others.

Focus on sleeves

Judging by New York Fashion Week, many designers decided to devote their collections to dresses of simple silhouettes, among which every bride can find something suitable for her body type, but allowed themselves to experiment a little with the details. They paid the most attention to the sleeves and showed them in all their variety - from voluminous lanterns and puffs to Victorian-style gigos, butterfly wings, bells and tulips.


With each new season, the length of the mini is gaining more and more attention of brides who don’t want to hide their luxurious legs under several layers of tulle. In most cases, girls choose short dresses not for the official part of the ceremony, but as a second outfit to continue the holiday. Playful fringes like Naeem Khan, naive bows like Viktor & Rolf, or hyper-volume sleeves like Scorces a: kitten heels, stiletto heels and pumps - with pearls, rhinestones and sequins - are the perfect complement to this look.

Open shoulders

Sensuality and sexuality will be another fall/winter 2022 bridal fashion trend, and there is no better way to express them in your look than with an off-the-shoulder dress. Bustier outfits that expose the collarbones can look completely different: both restrained and modest, and really catchy, so they are suitable for celebrations with the family, and for a noisy party with a hundred guests. By the way, you can emphasize the beauty of such a dress not only with jewelry, but also with the help of a high hairstyle - for example, Hollywood locks collected at the back of the head using a comb with diamonds.

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