Working on the fall-winter 20/21 collection, Silvia Venturini Fendi once again strived to create clothes for a strong, free, and independent woman who does not forget about her feminine side. That is why the entire collection is based on bright contrasts that can be traced from the first to the final look - powdery shades coexist with noir black, a seemingly modest oversized gray cardigan is decorated with a far from modest large leopard print, or a soft pink sweater tucked into a leather skirt with massive pleats.

Talking of leather items, in addition to skirts, the collection features suits and slim-fitted coats in the style of a vamp woman. The designer suggests to accentuate the waist even on fur jackets - thin leather belts with tiny cases and pendants do the best for this.

Another distinctive element of the collection is dresses and coats with puffy sleeves that seem to have slipped off the shoulder. This ingenious trick has made austere classic silhouettes more modern and daring. Speaking of impudence, most of the evening dresses are made of transparent materials and lace. Nevertheless, even the most outspoken outfits of the Fendi collection do not look defiant and shocking, but rather elegant and chic.