The fall-winter 2021 ready-to-wear collection marks designer Kim Jones's debut as Creative Director for Fendi. While working on the looks, he studied the archives of the Italian brand, which reflect the most significant stages of its development, paid tribute to the legacy of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, and used the wardrobe of the five Fendi sisters as the main source of inspiration. As the designer himself admitted, starting to work on looks, he aimed to create fresh and stylish, but “real clothes", that emphasize female beauty.

"The Fendi family are women of intellect who work hard–and that's what I wanted to celebrate," Jones states. In accordance with this general line, the new collection has turned out to be very practical, versatile, but at the same time feminine - this is a real feast of Italian elegance, which appears in a completely new interpretation.

The collection includes fur coats, sweaters, sheepskin coats, overalls, leather shorts, turtlenecks, as well as satin and knitwear: off shoulder dresses and blouses, suits with skirts and bras and variations of slip dresses. The accessories themselves also all manage to introduce new silhouettes balanced with tradition. The Fendi First shoe taken from an archival sketch reworks an architectural heel for the modern age while classics like the peekaboo and sunshine shopper bags are reimagined into new proportions and decorated with Selleria details.

The palette contains not a single bright accent, but restrained tones: sandy, dusty gray, brown and, of course, white and black, thanks to which new images look even more concise and elegant. These shades were chosen by Kim Jones for a reason: each of them can be found walking in one of the designer's favorite cities - Rome - in the veins of marble from which antique sculptures are made, in the tiles on the roofs of houses, in patterns on dishes sold at fleas markets, and in paintings kept in museums.