L'année 1997 (the year 1997) is the name of the Jacquemus' fall-winter 20/21 collection, which became a kind of return to the designer's childhood. According to Simon Porte Jacquemus, when he was 7 years old, he cut the linen curtain to make a skirt for his mother - that is why one of the main fabrics chosen for the collection is linen.

There are some other allusions to the designer's childhood like bandanas, headbands, sensual slip dresses, crop tops, and oversized jackets. The collection also includes work jackets, overalls, and cropped cardigans in neutral shades. Talking about the pallet, it was a good decision to make écru the key color of the whole collection – such a shade can be easily combined with any color and serve as a base for a minimalistic outfit complemented with massive or bright accessories.

Jacquemus offers to match simple looks in tranquil shades with tiny belts decorated with little cases, a pair of the huge geometrical earrings and bracelets, and, of course, with the iconic brand's Le Chiquito bag. If you've already gotten tired of the most popular bag on *******, there are some other pretty models like Le Bambino, Le Bello, Le Riviera, and Le sac Noued – all are in different sizes and colors.