Max Mara

The new Max Mara FW20/21 collection is infused primarily with the two colors: cool grey with dark blue overtones and camel brown. The choice of shades, as always, has its concept behind. The Creative Director Ian Griffiths, the so-called "British ex-punk," who has been leading the brand for nearly 10 years, opens up his philosophy of designs. "I was imagining the Max Mara woman sitting at her desk in the [...] humdrum office and dreaming of running away to sea for adventure and even love. So it's a romantic journey across the seascape that begins in Morocco and goes north to Russia," the designer said.

These two countries became an inspiration not only for the hues of the African desert and Siberian winter but also for the silhouettes and the fabrics used for the garments. Kaia Gerber wears a poncho, which originated from the traditional Moroccan-djellaba and is decorated with cashmere material. There are also other models such as striped coats, the suits, a wide variety of ruffled blouses with puffed sleeves, and transparent fabrics - as if all of them were created for such "Griffiths" career-focused women.

Authentic motifs give Griffiths the space for his imagination. Ropes are to replace the leather or chain-belts, the suiting is mainly oversized. The bathrobe-reminiscing outerwear is ideal not only for strictly office life but also comfy strolls in any type of weather.