As Sportmax is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, Grazia Malagoli approaches every new 2020 collection with all the caring and extra attention. For the FW' 2020 collection the brand's Creative Director and her team created the outfits for any kind of occasion. The campaign is released under the "future-inspired" slogan - the clashing colors and integrated elements contribute altogether to a futuristic impression.

Monochrome is the collection's frontrunner. Some are in the hues of red wine, such as the combinations of velvet blazer, skirt, and high-rise boots or leather midi dress, transparent tights, and bleak heels. The others reflect the autumn mood and are painted in the different shades of grey: from the puffed sleeve coat with gloves and sweater to the high-neck dress with brownish leather insertions. There can also be noticed even some brutal wedding-like looks, all-in-white: with the crystal vanilla high-rise gloves and the creamy short-sleeve maxi dresses, highlighted with the brown casual boots.

Although the outerwear is the symbol of Sportmax, the collection is varied with the evening dresses and can be suited for the office dress code. The traditional tailoring and elegant fabrics, such as recurring velvet and satin, add the feminine touch to the outfits. However, the brutality is also embedded into the capsule: its delegates are leather vests and miniskirts.