The key point of the Balmain SS 2020 collection is geometric forms and clear lines that are clear not only in accessories but also in small details, the texture and silhouettes. Olivier Rousteing, creative director of the brand, presented black-and-white dresses with hypnotic prints, suits with asymmetrical cut and inserts in the form of metal structures.

The designer invites us to expand the time frame of the "vintage" concept and to add a few more decades. Rousteing creates his own trends and doesn’t accept canons. His did her best to reinvent the fashion of the 90’s. Playing with geometric prints, mixing several patterns, fabrics and silhouettes in one look reveal the main idea of the collection – self-identification.

Some items of the collection were devoted to stars of the past. This season, the designer was inspired by Grace Jones, a recognized style icon of the 70’s. Dresses with hoods and neon jumpsuits with large sequins are dedicated to the singer. Pleated skirts and silhouettes, featuring wide shoulders and a pronounced waist, also came from the same era.

Despite the fact that Olivier Rousteing focuses on the past, the collection includes some futuristic elements. They are reflected in the spectacles of a rectangular shape, massive metal jewelry, clothes and shoes that look like they were cast from liquid silver.

The designer did not limit himself, choosing the color palette. From the the black-and-white combination, he moves to pink, green, yellow, blue and green. Round jewelry, used as collars in some outfits, refer us to ethnic African motifs, while denim and oversized costumes bring us back to the streets of a big busy city.