It seems that Blumarine’s love for floral prints has never been so pronounced. At the SS 2020 fashion show large, rose buds decorate not only airy dresses, but also the podium, turning it into a fragrant garden where models are walking.

The main message of the collection was mutual assistance and kindness. According to the brand’s creative director Anna Molinari, it won’t be easy to make up for their deficit in the modern world, but this forces everyone. To do this, she created a few sweaters with words expressing tender feelings – Sweetie, Cutie, Lovely, Smiley, Kind. They should remind the brand’s fans on the importance of good thoughts and actions.

In the SS 2020 collection, flowers come alive not only in the form of prints on fabric, but in draperies, gaining volume and airiness. They decorate asymmetrical dresses with ruffles and strapless tops, emphasizing the femininity and softness of silhouettes. This season, the designer appeals to a younger audience, creating slip-dresses in underwear style and dresses from translucent fabrics, traditional for the brand. In addition, the collection includes satin pencil skirts, crop tops with long sleeves, high-waisted shorts, bustiers, pantsuits and coats. Among the floral fantasy, the leopard also finds its place, and the overall romantic mood of the collection is equated with practical denim with embroidery with gold threads.

A muted color palette due to bright prints and complex silhouettes looks not boring, but harmonious, making clothes universal basis for formal and basic wardrobe. There are also more festive looks in the collection - this season, Anna Molinari pays special attention not only to animalistic and floral prints, but also to glitter.

Sequins, rhinestones, metallic fabrics and gold threads are in harmony with accessories and make outfits more provocative. And one of the most interesting items of the collection is a chain-mail dress that can be worn over different outfits, giving the look a spirit of rebellion and luxury in an instant.