Chloé SS 2020 collection is the second in a row for Natasha Ramsey-Levy as creative director of the brand. Creating this collection, the designer turned to the branded aesthetics of the fashion house and did not follow the flashy pretentiousness of modern trends. Clothes should emphasize the beauty and individuality of women, and not distract attention from them - that’s why the collection was based on soft fabrics, pastel shades and flying silhouettes.

Natasha Ramsey-Levy relied on elegance and femininity, but not at the expense of deep cuts and tight-fitting silhouettes. She bet on the expense of soft lines, transparent fabrics and accessories.

A special place is given to the style of safari. This can be seen in the use of sand, brown and green shades and signature loose trousers, patch pockets and the dominance of practicality over sexuality. Asymmetrical dresses and sundresses are suitable for both a casual look and an evening out, and double shorts will become an object of desire this season and diversify even the simplest look.