The new Christian Dior collection is an allegory of the plant world. Lush gardens and aged forests received a second life. They decorate the collection in the form of prints and embroidery on dresses, jackets, trousers and blouses.

Maria Grazia Curie’s other key source of inspiration—Catherine Dior, sister of Christian, who loved gardening and lived in harmony with nature. Therefore, the collection has a large number of overalls, similar to those worn by gardeners. The theme of nature in the Dior collection is not accidental - now environmental issues are paramount throughout the world. And if earlier it was customary to talk about the synthesis of fashion and art, now we are already seeing a new dialogue - fashion and ecology, urban studies.

The show realized the idea of ​​an inclusive garden, in which everyone can change the course of things for the better. The show was organized jointly with the Coloco landscape studio, which organizes and maintains gardens in the city. For the design of the show, 164 trees were involved. Later they were landed back in the vicinity of Paris.

The theme of nature is supported not only with the help of plant and flower prints and embroidery, but also with different fabrics, for example, lace, raffia, jacquard, silk. Dresses made of translucent tulle and chiffon with floral ornaments are among the main hits of the collection. Jackets were boxy, pants slouched from a dropped crotch, dresses (high necklines, long sleeves, winsome transparency) grazed the ankles with a smidgen of volume gathered in the back.