In their new SS 2020 collection, Longchamp depart from the usual hippie-chic aesthetics and focus on sporting femininity. This season, creative director Sophie Delafontain was inspired by several decades of the last century. Here you can guess the quotes of eclecticism and carelessness of the 70’s and rebelliousness of the 90’s.

It’s irrelevant now to sacrifice practicality and convenience for the sake of beauty, and there is no such need. The collection includes looks for stylish and dynamic women who appreciate elegance, but can't predict what surprises a new day can bring. Sophie Delafontaine seems to be rising up against uncomfortable heels and states, that there no shoes better than high fabric sneakers-socks and flat sandals with laces up to the knee. They get along equally well with nylon jackets, high-waisted shorts and midi skirts with dip-dyed effect.

The prints are not contrary to the general pastel palette of the collection: gradient, stripes and psychedelic stains, and a mix of sunset shades of pink and Burgundy. The designer gleaned them from works of modern artist-feminist Judy Chicago. The theme of the sun runs through the entire show – some outfits look as if they were scorched by hot rays, while sealed black-and-white lines dilute delicate looks and make them sharper.

Experimenting with new practical fabrics, the brand remains true to the fabrics that have long been entrenched in its DNA – leather and velvet. They are combined with semi-sheer chiffon, black and Burgundy nylon, cotton and silk. The collection includes sports jackets, mini-shorts, shirt-dresses, crop tops, pleated skirts and blouses with voluminous sleeves.

In this collection, the brand reinterprets the classic model of the Roseau bag, which in models’ hands appears either large or very small. When asked what a modern girl should always carry with her, Sophie Delafontaine answers: a bank card and a lipstick, because it is important to remain independent and feminine under any circumstances.