This time Donatella Versace decided to immerse all of the viewers in a utopian, mesmerizing underwater world that inspired her to create the spring-summer 2021 collection.

The reason why the designer chose a submarine universe as a theme for the fashion show is quite spiritual – it was evoked by longing for nature, untamed dreams, and a desire to escape. "Right after the lockdown was lifted, we all saw that the world was actually recovering very fast by the lack of human presence," she said. "The air was cleaner, the sky seemed of a deeper blue. I want it to stay like this." That is why the brand follows the principles of sustainable development: the collection includes organic cotton, recycled polyester, and polyamide. A welcome bonus is the return of the iconic Versace Trésor de la Mer print featuring sea creatures. Another reference to the archives is the dress shown by Irina Shayk. A similar design can be found in the Versace 1991 collection.

The runway consisted of white sand, mythical sculptures, and destroyed columns - all these decorations created an image of a fictional sunken city. The collection is distinguished by bright catchy colors, including juicy green, pink, red, yellow, and others. For what it's worth, a dazzling bra made of shells, which went in a duet with a pleated skirt and earrings in the form of starfish. These looks will make you feel like a Little Mermaid, for sure.

Nautical prints, low-waisted jeans, a bra over a turtleneck, a combination of loose pinstriped jackets with extremely short shorts and skirts with large flounced ruffles - all this, according to the Versace designers, we will wear next warm season. Well, we're looking forward to it!