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Bella Hadid’s make-up artist revealed her beauty secrets

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11 Nov 2019

Recently, Bella Hadid was named the most beautiful woman in the world. Her make-up artist Patrick Ta revealed a few secrets about his work with Hadid.

Patrick Ta is a well-known Hollywood make-up artist who works with leading top models and celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. In a special video tutorial, Patrick told what techniques he uses to create the perfect make-up for Bella Hadid.

According to the make-up artist, applying contour before foundation is the key to creating a natural complexion, while using blush on the eye area creates a smooth transition between eye and face make-up.

Everyone knows that using a moisturizer and make-up base before applying the make-up makes it more resistant, but Patrick has a special technique for creating a perfect foundation. He uses both oil-primer and cream-primer, which, in his opinion, create a stable but invisible foundation.

If the client has oily skin, Patrick applies a cream primer to the T-zone, as it’s particularly prone to greasiness due to the high concentration of sebaceous glands. There is another secret of Patrick: to lengthen the features and make them more harmonious, he draws light lines with the help of a concealer and then smoothly drives them into the skin.

Patrick also uses an unusual trick to make eyebrow make-up look more natural: firstly, he puts make-up on the eyebrows at the very least, which allows him to create a lighter look; secondly, Patrick prefers combing eyebrows from bottom to top, while standing behind the client, which stands out among other professionals.

Another life hack from the master: before applying eye shadow, he attaches special pads under the eyes, so that the crumbled shadows don’t spoil the make-up. Patrick also uses two different eye make-up brushes: one is to apply eye shadow and the other is to blend between the eyelid and the eyebrow line.

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