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Birthday girl Felicity Jones on her favourite cosmetics

Todaythe English actress Felicity Jones celebrates her birthday. The young woman turns36. She is known for such films as “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”and “The theory of everything”. For the role of the famous astrophysicist’s wife Jones got nominations for "Oscar", BAFTA and "Golden globe".

She started her acting career more than 10 years ago, after graduating from the prestigious Oxford University. But the real fame came to her only in recent years. Now she is the face of many beauty brands, such as Dolce&Gabbana Makeup and Burberry, and fans recognize her as a true icon of style and beauty. Felicity loves cosmetics, self-care, and therefore is glad to talk about her favourite procedures that help her to love herself and look great.


The actress says her busy schedule and media attention have taught her to take better care of her skin. Now she drinks a lot of water every day, and the main means in her cosmetic bag are moisturizers and lotions. And she buys all the products that contain aloe extract. Interesting fact: in the evenings she uses only baby oil to removes cosmetics.


Felicity prefers shampoos, masks and balms, in which there are no sulphates. Their components are more gentle: don’t dry hair and don’t wash hair-dyetoo quickly.


When Dolce&Gabbana Makeup and Burberry asked Felicity to become the face of their cosmetics, she immediately agreed, because she has long loved their products. She says that you can find whatever you need in her apartment. The actress never knows what shade of lipstick can be useful on a particular day, so she prefers to have everything on hand at once.

And make-up artist Pat McGrath opened Felicity Jones a secret, that the the "emphasis or on the lips, or on the eyes" makeup rule has long been outdated, so now she isn’t afraid to use both bright shadows and red lipstick