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Experts say that eyelash extensions are dangerous to health


Specialists from the Ophthalmologic clinic Cadogan Clinic said that eyelash extension procedure, which is popular among fashionistas around the world, can be dangerous to health.

The representative of the clinic, Elizabeth Hawkes, said that there is an increase in patients' visits related to eye infections, associated with the use of artificial eyelashes. One of the most common eye diseases connected with infection due to eyelash extensions is blepharitis, which causes a chronic inflammatory disorder of the eyelids. Experts urge to reduce the number of eyelash extension procedures to avoid infection. The ophthalmologist warned that some diseases can lead to irreversible loss of eyelashes and other serious consequences.

Hawkes also recalled that eyelashes are primarily designed to protect the eyes from dust and dirt, and their condition directly affects eye health and eyesight.

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