Kaia Gerber Made an Ultra-Short Haircut

Model Kaia Gerber (18) is not afraid of experimenting with her style. On Sunday, Cindy Crawford’s daughter shared a photo of her new fashionable hairstyle with fans.

Back in June of this year, Kaia cut her long hair and made a stylish square. In an interview, the model admitted that it wasn’t just a whim or a desire to attract attention. As Gerber explained, she felt much pressure of public opinion for too long. It’s believed that models should have long thick hair, but Kaia wanted to give her image more personality. The girl said that, having cut off her hair, she felt more free and easy, and also stated that she wanted to make an even shorter haircut.

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So last weekend, Kaia fulfilled her promise. The model posted a photo of her new haircut - an ultra-short square. It was the stylist Guido Palau who was responsible for the transformation. The girl has been collaborating with him for several years. Guido supported Kaia’s decision to part with long hair.

“I can't keep my hair on my head”, Gerber joked. The model’s fans were pleased with her transformation. Kaia was bombarded with compliments: “Beauty!”, “You're so cute with a new haircut”, etc.

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