Millie Bobby Brown was criticized on the net

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The 15-year-old star in the series "Stranger Things" was criticized on Instagram. Earlier, the actress announced the release of her lineup of cosmetics for skin care - Florence by Mills. It was a video demonstrating the use of several products from this line that caused a heated discussion among Millie's subscribers. Fans accused the actress of just pretending to use cosmetics. Attentive users noted that there is no cream in her palms  when she allegedly applies the product to her face. It was also noticeable that, despite the use of makeup removers, the cosmetics are still visible on the girl’s face at the end. Soon the video was removed from instagram, but it can still be found on YouTube.

The actress herself responded to criticism in her address. “I’m still learning the best way to share my routines as I get to know this space better - i am not an expert. I thouhgt doing a quick video replicating my personal process for that night was okay, but that is not what was conveyed. I understand, I appreciate all of your feedback on this journey”she wrote. 

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