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Top Make-up Trends Over Past 10 Years

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16 Dec 2019

Over the past decade, new trends came to light. They forever changed the way a modern and beautiful make-up should be. We owe these transformations not only to stylists and makeup artists, but also to celebrities. What has influenced the beauty industry over the past 10 years? Let’s figure it out!

Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty brand


Rihanna’s beauty brand called Fenty Beauty has revolutionized makeup industry. In 2017, the brand released as many as 40 shades of skin products, and in the future the color spectrum was expanded to 50 colors for different skin types and shades. According to Rihanna, there are not enough colors for women with different skin tones on the market. There is a certain average option, however, if the color of your skin deviates from it by 1 or 2 tones, the stuff doesn’t match evenly. And Fenty Beauty has helped millions of women solve this problem.

Celebrities’ Cosmetic Brands


The beauty sphere attracted not only Rihanna’s attention, but also other celebrities’, who wanted to release their own cosmetic lines or even launch new beauty brands. The Honest Company by Jessica Alba, Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga - these are just some examples of how Hollywood stars are mastering this industry, becoming close to influential beauty companies.

Other stars launch collaborations with cosmetic brands or launch just product lines, such as young Millie Bobby Brown. All this affects the opinion and choice of consumers.

YouTube as a platform for beauty bloggers


Over the past ten years, social networks have dramatically changed the beauty industry, and we definitely should thank beauty bloggers for this. Among foreign bloggers, Patrick Starrr, who collaborates with many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, as well as makeup artist Michelle Fan, is especially notable.

Bloggers launch new makeup trends, influence the opinion of the audience and even release their own cosmetic products. And the big players in beauty industry have to take this into account.

Green trend

Modern consumers of skin care products worry not only about their appearance, but also about the impact that cosmetics has on the environment. Consumers appreciate the transparency and openness of the business, require accurate and reliable information about how cosmetic products are manufactured. Movements against testing new products on animals and using animal products are gaining momentum. More than that, some special beauty lines, such as halal cosmetics, are appearing.

In this regard, over the past years, there has been an increase in sales of natural and organic cosmetics. In the future, we can expect that brands will gradually abandon disposable plastic packaging and use more environmentally friendly materials.

Greater awareness and investment in beauty

The ability to understand the latest fashion trends and new technological innovations is another important trend. Modern women pay much more attention to the condition of their skin, know their needs exactly, understand the difference between glycolic and hyaluronic acids and choose cosmetics depending on the type of skin. Cosmetic procedures, such as peeling, lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows, have firmly entered our lives. The beauty industry has become much more accessible to the mass consumer.

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