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Very surprising: sitcom "Friends" may be continued

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13 Nov 2019

A few weeks ago, actress Jennifer Aniston created an account on ******* and posted a photo with all the actors from the beloved sitcom Friends. Fans immediately thought about a possible continuation of the show, but then the team immediately denied these rumors.

Посмотреть эту публикацию в *******

Публикация от Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston)

But recently, screenwriters David Crane and Martha Kauffman reported that they started thinking about working on a few more seasons with HBO and had already offered such an opportunity to the actors. They noted that they want to see the original cast, therefore it’s important for them that everyone agrees to the shootings.

It’s too early to rejoice at the reunion - the negotiations have just begun and each of the actors can refuse the offer at any moment, but this is a big step that pleased the series’ fans – earlier, the continuation of the show was categorically denied.

The first episode of Friends was released in 1994, and in September of this year the project celebrated its 25th anniversary, in honor of which many well-known companies, including Google and Amazon, prepared special congratulations and released their merchant.

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