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Brad Pitt and Liv Tyler at the premiere of a new film

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Film Read min 20.09.2019 18:50

The new movie "Ad Astra" was presented in Los Angeles.  Almost the entire "star" crew of the picture, including Brad Pitt and Liv Tyler, appeared on the red carpet.

The fantastic thriller directed by James Gray was nominated for the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival. The picture tells about the journey of an astronaut (the role is played by Brad Pitt) through the galaxy in search for his father, who disappeared in space many years ago. The role of the father of the protagonist is played by 73-year-old Tommy Lee Jones, and 42-year-old Liv Tyler plays the role of the wife of the Pitt`s hero.

Almost the entire family came to support Liv at the premiere: the famous musician Steve Tyler with his new lover Amy Preston (the age difference between the couple is 41 years old), as well as Liv's pregnant younger sister, Chelsea, together with her husband. But Brad Pitt came to the premiere all alone. After breaking up with Angelina Jolie hasn`t been dating with anyone yet.