"Joker" caused a wave of discontent

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More recently, viewers and critics who managed to watch the film directed by Todd Phillips at the film festivals in Venice and Toronto, admired the acting play of Joaquin Phoenix and sang the praises of the film's script. But on the eve of the release of the "Joker" in the United States, a wave of criticism fell upon the creators of the picture.

The "Joker" was accused of romanticizing the image of a psychopath and endorsing violence. During one of the interviews journalists asked the performer the main role about concerns that the "Joker" could provoke a surge of violence in society. Everything turned out to be so serious that the FBI and the military began to monitor the situation, checking the information on the darknet and preparing for possible provocations.

Their fears are not groundless. In 2012 during the premiere of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" in Denver there was a mass murder. Relatives of those killed during the shooting at the cinema turned to Warner Bros . as they are worried about the situation around the new "Joker".

The creators of the picture have already stated that neither Warner Bros. nor anyone else involved in the creation of the "Joker" promote or support violence. The fact that the image of the main character can cause sympathy does not mean that they are trying to present him as a hero or an example to follow.

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