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Marvel left Jennifer Aniston without work

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10 Oct 2019

The star of "Friends" sitcom gave an interview to Variety as part of the promotion of her new series "The Morning Show". In an interview Jennifer admitted that the decision to return to work on TV was forced. According to the actress, she had to take this step because of such movie studios as Marvel.

"The Morning Show" is an Apple TV Plus streaming service production series, and the first project of its kind in which Aniston is involved. When asked by the journalist, Jennifer replied that it took time for her to decide on participation. The actress thought about returning to television only in the last couple of years, when there was a real development of stream services, which began to produce high-quality content.

In addition, according to Aniston, there are fewer available roles in the industry. Cinemas are interested in the big-budget Marvel blockbusters, and the time for romantic comedies, in which Jennifer loved to take part, has already passed.

The words of the actress were interpreted as an attacks on the studio by Marvel`s fans. Users on social networks defended large film studio, and some attacked Jennifer herself with accusations, pointing out that most of her roles were of no artistic value.

However, Aniston is not the only one who spoke negatively about the Marvel Studio. Most recently, director Martin Scorsese said that he could not watch Marvel`s films to the end, which caused outrage among the actors who worked with Marvel and their fans.

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