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Toronto Film Festival Winner Announced

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16 Sep 2019

The finished international film festival in Toronto brought a lot of surprises.

A distinctive feature of the Toronto festival is that it does not have an official jury. The main award is the Audience Choice Award. And the Jojo Rabbit movie from director Taiki Waititi was awarded with it.

The surprise is that the critics coolly met the film: they did not have high hopes for it, did not sing praises, did not predict an Oscar to him. This anti-war satire, which takes place during the Third Reich, has quite ambiguous description. The story of a boy who comes up with an imaginary friend - Adolf Hitler. Nevertheless, the result speaks for itself - the main prize of the international film festival goes to "Jojo Rabbit".

The second place was awarded to the audience by the drama “Marriage Story”. This picture does not cause complaints, but it is interesting that Scarlett Johansson played one of the central roles in it, as well as in Jojo’s Rabbit. Thus, Scarlett was noted in two of the best films of the festival at once: it is not in vain that she is the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

"Parasite" directed by Pong Joon-ho took an honorable third place. Previously, the movie was awarded the Golden Palm Branch of the Cannes Film Festival.

Another surprise, this time not very pleasant, was the failure of the picture "The Goldfinch", based on  the Pulitzer Prize winner book. "The Goldfinch" was one of the most anticipated premieres of the year; the film was promised to get several nominations for an Oscar and the love of film critics and audience in advance. However, in fact, both critics and the audience were disappointed.

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