British fashion industry is in danger because of Brexit


Representatives of the fashion industry opposed the decision of Boris Johnson, who advocates a tough and immediate exit for Britain from the EU. Why are fashion figures so dissatisfied with the decision of the prime minister?

On the eve of London Fashion Week experts from the British Fashion Council released a report listing the catastrophic consequences of Brexit for the fashion industry. It is important to understand that the British Fashion Council is a non-profit organization, whose main goal is to ensure the sustainable development of the UK fashion industry and to strengthen its position in the global market.

Representatives of the Council calculated that if Johnson’s plan to leave the EU without agreements comes into force, the UK fashion industry will lose more than $ 1 billion. And the point is not only that most of the UK fashion houses sew clothes in other EU countries. The complicated customs procedures will inevitably affect the cost of production, which, ultimately, will have a punitive effect on ordinary consumers.

Increasing costs, increased price of products, reducing cooperation between designers and pressure on independent brands of the country - these are just some of the consequences for fashion industry from hard Brexit.

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