Failure of the year: Fox Channel closes Beverly Hills 90210 series

Fox Channel announced it wouldn’t extend the restart of the Beverly Hills 90210 series for the second season, which was released on August 7, 2019 and lasted only six episodes. The first episode managed to collect rather decent ratings, but the next five turned out to be simply disastrous.

According to the plot, the actors of the original series meet 20 years after the end of filming and decide to restart the project themselves, but face difficulties. The idea of ​​continuing the series was cool and caused a response from fans, but its implementation turned out to be uninteresting and couldn’t gather enough viewers - even the most devoted and loyal fans refused to watch the continuation.

Seven actors from the original cast starred in the series: Jason Priestley (Brandon), Jenny Garth (Kelly), Ian Ziering (Steve), Gabriel Karteris (Andrea), Brian Austin Green (David), Tori Spelling (Donna) and Shannen Doherty (Brenda). They were pleased to be reunited for the filming and were able to bring a new storyline into the story.

The first failures of the restart began in May this year, when the show runner and several main screenwriters left the film at once – perhaps, this influenced the success of the project.  Fox Channel has no intention of shooting a sequel to Beverly Hills, 90210, and will focus on other projects.

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