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3 Key Points You Could Miss at the 2019 Fashion Awards

Fashion Read min 03.12.2019 17:41

While everyone chooses the best star outfits at The British Fashion Awards, we decided to pay attention to those moments that may go unnoticed.

Inimitable Ree

Rihanna stole the spotlight, but it’s not about her stunning outfit. It was again confirmed, that Rihanna is so loved by the audience. At the Fashion Awards, a crowd of fans shouted Rihanna's name long before she entered the stage. While Janet Jackson praised Rihanna on stage, the crowd didn’t stop. We wonder, how the public would react if someone else took the award?


Who is Naomi Campbell’s style icon?

Naomi Campbell gave an emotional speech at the Fashion Awards last night, as she accepted the accolade for Fashion Icon. The supermodel shared with the audience the names of those whom she considers to be her own style icons. They turned out to be Grace Jones, Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt, Donyale Luna, Bethann Hardison, Naomi Sims, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross, Diahann Carroll, Janet Jackson, and Tina Turner. “I could go on and on, but I want to thank you for paving the way for me, inspiring a generation.”


Surprise from Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise stood out from all the guests on the red carpet at the Fashion Awards. It remains a mystery why the Risky Business star decided to appear in public. Do you want to hear our best guess? Perhaps, this year he is obsessed with the Bottega Veneta brand.