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Alena Akhmadullina showed how a modern Swan Princess could dress (and we like it)

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15 Oct 2019

Last night one of the halls of StatePushkinFine Arts Museum was prettycrowded. And the reason for this stir is not another exhibition, but a fashion show. Following the example of foreign colleagues, Russian designers are increasingly arranging theirshows in original places. Alena Akhmadullina invited her guests to the museum. 

Alena AKHMADULLINA press office

Alena Akhmadullina often looks for inspiration in fairy-tale motifs. And this time she turned her attention to the image of a real Russian beauty - Princess Swan. In the view of the eminent designer, this character is a noble and strong woman with magical abilities. The collection includes dresses and suits in the style of casual chic, a line of evening dresses, oversizedcoats and quilted jackets. All looks are focused on the traditions and decoration of Russian national clothes.

The key image of the bird is revealed in prints, accessories, embroidery and mosaics from different fabrics. In some models the whole shape of the product repeats the figure of a Swan. Using of water dropfabrics, down and whitecolor is very essential. Other brand’s traditional shades are also presented in the new collection: blue, terracotta, beige, as well as rich green, which in the season spring-summer 2020 will be very relevant.

Creating the collection one of the approachwas to appeal to the style of the Russian headscarf: the designer suggests attaching it to the basic silhouette dress, or using it as an independent accessory. This leitmotif is emphasized by the details characteristic of the national costume: the hem decorated with fringe, voluminous sleeves-lanterns, the neck decorated with amber beads and the traditional Russian hairstyle-a long braid. 

Another striking image of the line was the magic Firebird. A spectacular evening dress with wings made of long fringe is dedicated specifically to her.

You can see photos from the show in our photo gallery.

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