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Bella Hadid Considers This Item Indispensable in Her Wardrobe

In recent months, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have been spotted in spectacular knee-high socks. No doubt, these socks are different from those that our parents were forced to wear in their childhood. So, why did selebs suddenly remember this seemingly outdated accessory?

It seems, we know where the fashion for the long-forgotten trend came from. At the 2019 spring Prada show, models wore vibrant prints, soft headbands and baby doll dresses with short shoes and sheer long socks. An unexpected accessory attracted much attention. Not even a few days had passed till celebrities picked up a fashionable idea.

In fall, tube socks became the trend of the season again. They go well not only with moccasins, but also with white sneakers, ankle boots or even clogs. These socks can be worn with your favorite shoes and dress.  By the way, unlike almost all other current trends, knee-high socks are actually comfortable and practical.

Today, long socks have become a real catch, approved by celebrities.  Therefore, don’t be shy and try this accessory trend!

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