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Designers Ralph&Russo revealed how to create a dress for Maleficent

This Thursday the film "Maleficent: mistress of evil" with Angelina Jolie’s the star comes out in Russia. The famous black dress of the evil witch was created by the designers of the fashion house Ralph&Russo. They said that it took more than 700 hours to create the dress, and the whole team worked on the details.

It is known that it is Angelina Jolie who has advised the film costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick, to appeal to the brand. Designers Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo admitted that it was their first experience in creating looks for the movie, but the stylish villain with horns and wings inspired them very much.

The creation of the costume took more than 700 hours of tedious work: first, a frame of tulle was made, then some details and embroidery were gradually added. Designingthe concept of the dress, the masters decided that the image should emphasize the inner strength of the character. From some special silicone, they created the top of the dress, which looks like wide brush strokes made directly on the skin. This shows that the outfit does not just complement the heroine, but becomes an important part of her.

Angelina Jolie and Ralph&Russo work very closely, and the movie star loves their clothes. At the premiere of the film in London, the actress appeared in a sparkling cape dress, in which she looked like a fairy-tale character, meanwhilefor the film perfomance in Japan, she chose an outfit with a gold fringe in the Gatsby style.