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Experts reveal which engagement rings are trendy now

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13 Nov 2019

Every woman dreams of a beautiful engagement ring, because it’s a real symbol of love and loyalty. Wade Clare, development director of Julez Bryant jewelry brand, and Debbie Hazard, co-founder of the independent gemological organization, told what fashion trends should be considered when choosing rings.

According to experts, the market for wedding rings adapts to modern realities. If earlier the purchase of an engagement ring was the groom’s responsibility, now women are increasingly taking an active part in the selection of jewelry. According to De Beers Corporation’s recent research, women are more likely to buy engagement rings on their own, and tend to spend more on jewelry than their partners would have done.

Transparent diamonds have long been the most popular gemstone for engagement rings. However, now more and more couples pay attention to colored stones - sapphires, rubies. Rings with morganite - a gem of delicate yellowish-pink color - look very interesting. Many brides prefer jewelry with a spinel stone, which is characterized by a rich fuchsia color.


Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria and Katy Perry wear the very engagement rings without traditional diamonds. One of the most famous jewelry is the Duchess Kate Middleton's engagement ring, in which the diamond is replaced by a 12-carat sapphire. Previously, this ring belonged to Princess Diana.

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As for diamonds, costumers try to be original, too, and choose unusual shades: for example, light brown. The so-called Salt & Pepper diamonds are also in trend: light and dark spots are noticeable in them.

According to experts, the sizes of stones can be any. As for the cut, now a cut in the shape of a rosebud is in demand.

The most popular metal for engagement rings is platinum due to its natural white sheen. However, experts pay attention to the fact that metal should complement the stone. For example, a yellow diamond will look better with classic yellow gold. And vice versa - it will be better to combine white gold or platinum with a transparent stone.

While many buyers still prefer natural stones, experts also advise paying attention to diamonds that are grown in the laboratory. They have the same composition, but they may be more transparent. Also, as a rule, such stones are more affordable.

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