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Fashion alliance: Rimowa and Dior collaboration

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25 Oct 2019

At the end of last year, Rimowa CEO, Alexander Arnault, invited Dior Men designer Kim Jones to participate in an advertising campaign and create a joint limited-edition collection. They promise that if the line becomes popular, Dior will launch a luggage line, too. The first photos of this collaboration appeared in mid-June and finally it will be on sale.  

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There are five accessories for travel in the capsule collection. Their cost varies from € 1,900 to € 3,600, depending on the size. They will be shown for the first time at the end of October on the Champs Elysees, when the companies will officially reveal the details of their cooperation. 

We’ll also be able to see a case for champagne at the presentation. It’s made in a single copy. The case will have special tubes for safe transportation of bottles and a leather ice bag. Kim Jones admitted that while working on this line, he tried to bring a touch of decadent chic to the collection. He assumes that such an accessory will be in demand among fans of picnics, however, the designer himself doesn’t drink champagne.

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To attract younger consumers, the company has developed masks for the Snapchat app. The mask will overlay users' photos with the Dior Oblique brand's signature pattern. By the way, this print will also be repeated on suitcases from the new collection.

Representatives of the brands said that sales of the new collection will begin in Paris, and later suitcases can be bought in Japan, China, Miami and Dubai.

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